Chicago Tribune, 4/8/09 – “Heroin deaths spike across Chicago area, authorities say”
Daily Herald, 6/13/09 – “Fundraiser Planned for Drug Awareness”
Daily Herald, 12/8/09 – “Mother of Suburban Teen Who Died Warns Others”
Daily Herald, 1/11/10 – “Parents Should Carry Naloxone, Just In Case”
Prevention First Forum, 10/10 – “Alex’s Story – A Heroin Tragedy”
Lincolnshire Review, 7/10/12 – “Live4Lali fundraiser to fight teen heroin use”
Buffalo Grove Patch, 7/27/12 – “Family Remembers Laliberte, Raises Funds for Youth Programs”
Chicago Tribune, 9/2/12 – “Fighting an epidemic of fatal overdoses”
Daily Herald, 9/13/12 – “Siblings of drug addicts face unique pain”
Lake County News-Sun, 5/31/2013 – “Rising opiate overdose deaths in county is cause for concern”
Daily Herald, 12/1/13 – Heroin overdose antidote training at addiction treatment center in Vernon Hills
Fox News 32, 12/3/13 – Naloxone Injection Prevents Overdose Deaths: Special Report, 2/28/14 – Initiative aims to place drug to combat effects of opiate overdose in police squad cards
Chicago Tribune, 9/26/14 – Suburban cops rip Emanuel drug plan, 10/6/14 – Thousands March on Washington to End Prescription Drug Epidemic
Daily Herald, 10/22/14 – Prospect Hts. police save man from heroin overdose, 11/7/14 – A Sister’s Grief and Charity
Daily Herald, 11/18/14 – Naloxone problem launched in Lake County to fight heroin overdoses, 11/19/14 – Lake County opioid initiative involves 32 departments
Daily Herald, 12/1/14 – Suburban nonprofit groups strike back against heroin

Press Releases
Nov. 26, 2013 – Lake County Crusades for Overdose Prevention with First Public Naloxone Training

For all press/media inquiries, contact Melissa Hobley at


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