We Need Your Help…

Today, our cofounders/mother-daughter team, Jody Daitchman & Chelsea Laliberte are heading to Springfield, IL to testify for HB1466 AKA “Lali’s Law” which expands Narcan access to pharmacies! Any layperson 18+ can walk into a pharmacy to get training and equipped in this lifesaving drug. Imagine how many people today alone will stand in line at a local CVS or Walgreens to fill their opioid script. With this bill’s passage, imagine how many more could get the OD antidote along with their meds. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT and submit public comments. Instructions are attached.


Neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart Dishes on All Things Drugs at TEDMED 2014

We all have heroes! One of ours is Dr. Carl Hart professor of psychiatry and psychology at Columbia University. Dr. Hart’s remarkable work has provided America with groundbreaking, up-to-date education about the biological, social, legislative, economic, and racial implications of drug hysteria.