Join Us for Our Walk-In Clinic Open House on Thursday, March 26th at 6:30 Pm!

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Substance-related hospital admissions and overdose fatalities across Chicago’s communities are at an all time high. The CDC reports that 120 people die from accidental drug overdose every day in the U.S. A key factor in the spread of this epidemic is the lack of access to lifesaving skills like Naloxone administration, substance use disorder treatment and mental health care, and education opportunities for youth, adults and professionals. That’s where we come in. Please join us for the launch of this important community health intervention. Your awareness of our services can save lives. 


Walk-In Clinic Schedule Beginning March 30: 

Mondays from 5:30 – 9:30 PM 

Wednesdays from 5:30 – 9:30 PM 

Saturdays from 10:30 – 3:00 PM 


We are located in Arlington Heights just south of Dundee Road across the street from the Public Storage facility at the “Pediatric Health Care Associates” building. Walk around the right side of the building to suite 403B.

We Need Your Help…

Today, our cofounders/mother-daughter team, Jody Daitchman & Chelsea Laliberte are heading to Springfield, IL to testify for HB1466 AKA “Lali’s Law” which expands Narcan access to pharmacies! Any layperson 18+ can walk into a pharmacy to get training and equipped in this lifesaving drug. Imagine how many people today alone will stand in line at a local CVS or Walgreens to fill their opioid script. With this bill’s passage, imagine how many more could get the OD antidote along with their meds. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT and submit public comments. Instructions are attached.


FED Up Rally Set for October 3rd in Washington, DC!

Are you as FED UP as we are about the federal government’s lack of response to the opioid crisis? We are proud members of the FED Up Rally and our director Chelsea Laliberte, serves as a member of the Executive Steering Committee. She’ll be in DC on October 3rd representing Chicago and back that evening for our annual fundraiser the following day! More details to come…


New IL House Bill Aims to Reduce Prescription Opioid Abuse

There were 339 prescription opioid deaths in IL in 2012! About 80% of the 120 fatal overdoses per day in America are from opioids. The availability of abusable Rx opioids has sent our country into a tailspin. Faced with the biggest public health crisis in decades, lawmakers are getting crafty with their approaches to reducing initiation to opioid use. Pharmaceutical companies are developing opioids with abuse-deterrent properties (ADP). To learn more, check out these fact sheets!

2015 IL ADP Legislation Backgrounder_Page_2 2015 IL ADP Legislation Backgrounder_Page_1

In Memory of Mikey Santini

mikeyYesterday started like any other day. I got up, got ready, walked my dog, made a quick breakfast and headed out the door to my meeting with the Buffalo Grove Police Department to develop our addiction and overdose response plan for the community. I stopped to get a coffee on my way there bursting with excitement about this important program finally coming to fruition – more lives to be changed, more lives to be saved. I checked my phone and noticed I had a text from Jessy, the sweet sister of Mikey Santini, who had been struggling with the disease of addiction. I went to high school with Jessy, and while we were only acquaintances then, our similar sibling struggles reunited us as adults. As I checked the message, in a matter of seconds everything changed. Any happiness or joy I was feeling about the day ahead quickly dissipated as I read, “He passed away.”

Mikey was only 25 years old and a friend of Alex’s, which made him an automatic friend of mine. One didn’t have to know Mikey well to see how kind, gentle and genuine he was. One doesn’t have to know the Santini family too well to see how much they love each other, and how many mountains they would move for Mikey. I will always remember Mikey’s sweet smile and the captivating sparkle in his eye. While I only knew him a short while, he left a footprint in my heart that I will never forget. He meant so much to so many and it is unfathomable that he was taken away from each of them. Mikey never gave up and in his memory, I refuse to give up.

10428009_10203830919078000_4825913426512847918_nTo Geri, Robert, Jackie and Jessy, on behalf of my family and the Live4Lali family, we send you our love and condolences for the loss of your beautiful boy. There are no words we can offer you that will take away your pain. But, we can promise you this: we will continue to fight for the end of this epidemic every single day in memory of Mikey. We will continue to share our stories and the truth about drugs/addiction/overdose with anyone who will listen, say things that need to be said, lobby for sensible laws, fight for funding and research, push for better treatment, reverse as many overdoses as possible, and help anyone impacted by this disease in any way we can. Mikey will never be forgotten. You will never be alone.

All my love,


Way to go Duchess Kate Middleton!!

The Heroin Vaccine: Can It End Addiction and Overdose?

“A promising heroin vaccine has bsyringe vaccineeen in the works for some time, and it has even shown great success in clinical trials on rats. Yet, this wonder drug has received little media attention and even less funding.”

To learn more, check out the article at The Fix.

Our Mission: How One Family’s Lack of Knowledge Inspired the Power to Know

We were proud to be recently featured in the Daily Herald. Their article highlighted Chelsea Laliberte, our Executive Director and the work she provides to the community. Please take a look at the article here:

All photos provided by Daily Herald:

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